Re-Discover the Nature of Balance with Fusion Feng Shui

When you live in a home that helps you feel good and supports your health and happiness you are much more likely to thrive in a happy, healthier life.   Our body gives us little hints when we are not living in alignment with our natural state of being.  It whispers it’s subtle messages at first, but as we get caught up in day to day life; we do not hear them until they shout out in the form of stress-related symptoms. We often get so busy with life that we lose clarity and connection with ourselves along with what and who is most important to us.

Combining the principles of Fusion Feng Shui with the power of intention will give you the ability to make Life Transformations, and…….

Create The Life You Want To Live

I have combined some of my services below into integrated packages to help support your needs. If you would like to know more or would like me to create a custom package just for you please reach out and let’s talk

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Fusion Feng Shui

Onsite or Distant

Inspired by wind and water, creating flow and balance with the natural elements of life

This package is all about creating a space your soul will love. A space that inspires, that motivates and supports you by nurturing your senses, connects to your heart and emotions and brings your intentions to life

Learning how the environments we live in reflect our inner thoughts like a mirror helps us to discover the connection between our

Mind, Body, Essence and Space

and use design with Fusion Feng Shui to support our health and happiness

This package for anyone who wishes to help restore balance in their life, create new opportunity and create a nurturing environment that supports their goals in life.

Speciality Services,  Feng Shui Design

Lifestyle Blueprint

Onsite or Distant

This package is my clients ultimate favourite and brings with it the most opportunity for change.  When you are ready to create that “Lifestyle Shift” then this package is for you!

Specialty Services, Dowsing Space Clearing, Personal Clearing, Fusion Feng Shui Design, Healthy Home Analysis, Specific Action Plan for Positive Change

“If life is a painting, your space is the canvas what will you create?”

Refresh and Renew

Space Clearing From The Inside Out

This package is perfect for those who want to shift, clear and uplift the energy in their home and lives. This is the foundation for any changes you wish to make in your life.  It is especially good for those who have experienced or are getting ready for a life change, suffered an illness, family separation, divorce, preparing to sell your home, or moving into a new one, bring healing to relationships, looking for clarity and purpose, preparing to welcome a new baby, or create new beginnings. Just like spring cleaning let go of old stagnant energy to make room and embrace the new

Space Clearing, Dowsing, Geopathic Stress Treatment, Specialty Services and Personal Clearing

One Room Rescue

Remote Service

Do you have just one room in your home that needs a little help? Perhaps a Dorm room, or home office? This package is ideal for anyone that just needs a little help in one area.  This package is only offered remotely. Using photographs and a room plan I will help you re-align the room with its purpose.

Speciality Service, Feng Shui, Color Consult

Color Consult

New Build or Remodel

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