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Hi, I am Lesley Mulvihill, Feng Shui Expert – Integrative Lifestyle Consultant

Fusion Feng Shui helps us make the intimate connection between our living spaces and our mind. By blending together the power of mindful intention with the principles of Feng Shui, I help clients create positively powered spaces that will nurture and support health, happiness, and success, both at home and at work.

“Our thought shapes the spaces we inhabit, and our spaces return the favor.” -Steven Johnson,
Feng Shui is creating a space your soul will love, a space to plant an intention into a sweet design that inspires and motivates by “speaking” to our subconscious mind.

Create a Lifestyle of Well-being and Happiness

Power Up Your Health

Enhance Relationships

Reduce Stress – Rediscover Lifestyle Balance

Energize Your Career

Build a New Relationship with Money

Gain Clarity With New Insights

Specific Action Plans For Positive Transformations

Create Uplifting Environments that Nurture and Support

Re-Connect With The Natural Flow Of  Nature

Design The Life You Wish To Lead

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The true nature of Fusion Feng Shui blends the best of my experience in integrative lifestyle coaching that focuses on the connection of Mind, Body, Essence and Space combined under the wonderful umbrella of Feng Shui to create some fabulous Consultations and packages to address your specific needs.

Thanks to modern day technology consultations, packages and many of my services are available both on-site and remotely throughout Texas, North America, The United Kingdom and Globally.

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